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About us

About Acuity Eyecare

At Acuity Eyecare , we want to maximize your vision potential. Just like no two people’s eyes are the same, the way each person interacts with the world is also different. We specialize in vision solutions tailored for your specific activities. Dr. Kekahuna loves working with pilots, military, recreational and competitive athletes, law enforcement, sportsmen, weekend warriors and anyone that requires high visual performance or is just looking for a little extra visual edge. We are one of the only offices in Texas that has a longer than 20 foot exam room to test vision at a more natural distance.

We believe exceptional vision is about more than just a single glasses or contact lens measurement. Just like the right tool for the job makes the process so much smoother, the right visual solutions for your life can make activities so much easier and more enjoyable.

Our first priority is to listen to our patients and provide excellent care. We want you to leave us seeing and feeling better than when you came in. Give us a call to set up a visit!

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